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Myths About Psychic Readings In NZ

So many people are sceptical about psychic readings in NZ, with society having painted the spiritual world as something negative or even laughable. Unfortunately, there are also so many scammers posing as psychics giving those with a true gift a bad name. Angelene from Divine Connection is a psychic in NZ who is trusted, authentic psychic with a refined connection to Spirit and is here to dispel some myths about psychic readings and promote some positivity regarding this art.

Questions To Explore With Your Clairvoyant

A clairvoyant is first and foremost a guide to deeper connection and communication within your personal and intimate space of self. Using the essence of spirit and higher power makes it possible for a clairvoyant to channel what is needed and assist you on your spiritual journey.

The Best Times to Get a Psychic Reading

Whether it is your first time getting a psychic reading in NZ or if you’ve already had quite a few readings, timing can be quite important. It is essential that you are in the right mindset and open to receiving messages from the Spirit before you book your psychic...