My Personal Experience, Angelene keeps it simple and can effortlessly bring an authentic mindful approach in her readings, enough to challenge any skeptic beliefs in my mind. She is genuinely spiritually connected, and holistic, by the manner she embraces science, psychology and spirituality.
Angelene’s readings stand out as holistic, genuinely enlightening, full of meaning and grace . At first I did not know what to expect? I called because my current, psychic reader gave me readings from there own personal opinions of life, or seemed like the future, was only there own ‘idea’ based on my past which limited me a lot. I wanted something real, more than just accurate, something life changing, something different! I was ready to make some real changes, at a deeper authentic level! Then I found Divine Connections.
So I called Divine Connection. Then she showered me with reliable accurate answers about my past and present, then what lies ahead, in a genuine mindful, authentic kind hearted caring peaceful manner. She saw instantly without any tools (Tarot, runes, pal reading, astrology charts etc) my life situation. I had never felt so heard! And she saw past life connections, and how they relate to the now.
I felt she really wanted to help me in what seemed like an endless ‘Divinely connected way’. Her Spiritual awareness and guidance is evident in all readings I get, and I do feel distant or remotely healing, I feel the energy of the Divine Spirit radiate through her and I instantly feel at peace, and trust this. For days and even months after, I start to see shifts happening in my life and see the deeper meaning behind them, the messages, and life lessons, and how they relate to my life purpose. They say you know your talking to a connected reader and healer when you feel a shift in your energy in their presence.
I look forward to my next reading! A M Psychologist New Zealand