I feel Gifted Psychic Angelene is a rare find for me. I have not meet an authentic reader/healer just yet that works for me and understands the Truth from first hand direct experience with the Divine. Her psychic clairvoyant readings are on point and accurate, her guidance is insightful and clear. Her passion and experience of working with Crystals in particular, has helped me a lot on my path, because I have used crystals for years and do Yoga as much as I can, however never really connected with them as profoundly since meeting Angelene, she helped me understand how the work, and how to use them as tools for mindfulness and self healing. She was able to see my past, present and future clearly, and guide to happiness, as opposed to the same old patterns I had living through my whole life. I guess I was ready to change as well, yet wasn’t really sure. In the end I always walk away feeling grounded, good about being myself, and self empowered, I feel I can stand in my own power. My life experience has changed positively. Angelene is very talented and Gifted in many areas. I only wish her all the best and know she will continue to help people with her beautiful Gift, as she helps me. God bless you Sweet Angel, Thank you again Rosey H Auckland