Angelene is a very kind and compassionate natural reader, who is deeply connected and grounded. She works ethically, honestly and with integrity. I have known her for a many years now as a healer and for Angel and Crystal therapy, she meets you where your at, she showed me she can understand me well, because she can clearly see, hear and know my situation or issue in detail without needing much information to begin. She connects to my guides and Spirit and tell me the guidance they have for me, and its right for me at that time. They are very loving and supportive. She offers right guidance direction and is very healing from the Spirit as a medium and offers the clear meaningful direction forward from my situation so I feel listened to. She is a teacher I can trust because understands the oneness of life from direct experience.
She is able to read energy/aura the information is amazing truth. She can also see the future accurately, and give guidance that is practical, helpful and uplifting when she does Tarot readings.
I asked her about my son, and she was able to see his childhood and send healing. I highly recommend Angelene for any healing, psychic clairvoyant medium Tarot readings. J B – Auckland