Thanks to the team at Divine Connections psychic readings for delivering the messages from Spirit with such accuracy and compassion, I finally feel closure, I felt nothing I did was mounting to anything. My sister recently passed away from cancer, and as soon as we connected, the reader said ” I have your sister here from Spirit, she says the washing is still on the line’ I broke down in tears, and crazy laughter, I felt my sister was here, she said it in the same way my sister would say. I always leave the washing on the line overnight! the reader couldn’t have know that! The messages from my sister in heaven, taught me its not so much about doing the ‘work on myself’ its about being you, and staying true. I now know my sister is happy where she is in Spirit, and loves me unconditionally, watching over me thanks to the messages that were delivered. Angelene is a kind person, and I found her to be easy to talk to, genuinely psychic, clairvoyant and a medium in my reading. Unbelievable! … I’m beginning to think she is an Angel? 🙂
Katie Dunedin