​I called Divine Connection Psychic Readings NZ 0900 number and got an awesome Psychic Reading, I wasn’t sure what to do about my situation with my partner, was he still cheating on me? I was ashamed to tell my family/friends, usually they would tell him off. So I asked will he change, what do I do? Will I ever find a man that cares about me! She helped me relax and brought to my attention a past girlfriend of his who had hurt him by also cheating on him years before. So the Psychic said that I should I ask him about that. The psychic said he loved her as teenage. She said he will not change for a few years yet, until he confronts this past pain from his ex. Well I asked him about an ‘ex girl friend’ And to my surprise, he said yes, when he was 18 she broke his heart, she slept with his best friend, and Mike was shocked I knew. In the end we had to have a break, the psychic was right again, he cheated on me again, with a workmate, even though he said he wouldn’t. She saved me a lot of time and energy, now I had insight and clarity. I felt so much better and at peace. Thank you so much Angie, I will never forget your kind words of wisdom from spirit : underneath it all I am already infinitely whole and complete, this helped me connect again. Roshini K Tauranga