When I called for my Psychic Reading I received amazing accurate answers asked about my course, I thought I was failing and was scared and vulnerable. My tutors were unsupportive I was confused and lost, now what? Just having someone to listen and offer guidance and healing direct from spirit is amazing and uplifting. I felt loved and cared for. The energy is so real , when she told me finally I would pass, but then in 2-3months I would move onto a career path that was more in my souls calling, to do with nursing, or teaching. I didn’t think much about it, until 3 months later, I decided to do a course as a caregiver, then later realized that’s what the Psychic told me! I decided to call them back and confirm everything. I am at peace doing this course, and love my job. Thank you so much for giving me hope and inspiration I needed! Keat Auckland