The Reiki healing and Crystal healing sessions with Angelene are peaceful, relaxing stress reducing and very down to earth. As the healing began I started to feel gentle warming heat, coming from her hands, I started to relax deeply and then drifted off into a deep relaxing sleep. When I woke up, and hour later, we sat down again, for a relaxing chat, I talked about things that felt so good to get off my chest, things I wasn’t even aware of , as well as positive aspects of the healing and life. She also did a three card reading for me, to assist me on my journey with my current concerns. I felt lighter and free to be myself when I walked out that day, Since then I have been back a few times more, and felt at home, calm and relaxed each time. I am more at peace with what’s happening in life. I would like to thank Angelene I feel she does a great job. Thank you, Sarita C Auckland