In my personal experience, I used to be skeptical of psychics and healers, as they tend to boast seeing into your future and being the ‘real deal’ or the most ‘such and such’…. which now I am not skeptical any more…. And they say that people live up to their name….OMG, completely authentic and so HUMBLE! I found, in my experience that Angelene is both accurate and enlightening and even more importantly a compassionately Mindful healing psychic. Her capacity to connect to the Spirit world is deep and meaningful with energy that could fill a whole room of love, peace and joy! This is a genuine psychic. So I kept calling and through her readings my mind began to open, I was able to clear the brain fog, and illusions of my mind that kept me gloom and doom for years. Once the surface confusion and fear was cleared, I felt a veil lifted from my mind, this illusion in my mind that I was just a small person, with no power disappeared. Angelene (An Angel!) awakened me to a new perspective on my relationships, career, money, and True Self changing my whole life. I felt goosebumps and tears of joy for all the pain and suffering past hurts that felt like a heaviness, holding me back in my life seemed so minimal. With an open mind and an open heart she guided me to my truth and inner power, therefore to me she is genuine, authentic and empowering.
I was going through a very dark time in my life, last year , 2020 I lost my husband to cancer, I lost my job, and started to close down on family and friends. Since Divine Connection psychic readings, I am coming out of my shell, and am now running my own successful business in Law, with regular clients and I am so grateful for this empowering woman who honestly guides and gives me direction and meaning and teaches me about living authentically me! . Thank you, so for authentic, empowering and enlightening readings like no other, call this gifted psychic medium today, What a Gift! I look forward to connecting with you again.
– Justine New Zealand