About us

Our Story

Divine Connection was birthed in May 2018 in effort to offer psychic readings, healing, reiki, medium and clairvoyant services in Auckland, NZ to those looking for answers to the questions in their lives.

As a professional psychic and clairvoyant in NZ, Angelene is dedicated and committed to providing the most reliable, authentic, genuine, honest, kind-hearted, caring, compassionate service in NZ.
What does holistic mean? This means that the ‘whole’ person” is seen, including physical, mental, psychological, emotional and spiritual attributes, or the ‘aura’. Divine Connection loves helping all people in a professional, ethical manner that is individualized to suit their unique needs without judgement or criticism.
Angelene’s role is to provide a safe, peaceful space that is calming, private and confidential, so clients may feel completely free to be themselves, in a non judgemental space, and are opezn to receiving messages from their spirit guides, Angels, Higher Self, Spirit that best suits them.
On top of clairvoyance and psychic readings, we also offer a wide variety of tools and training in Auckland in yoga, reiki, and more.

Our Mission

Divine Connection’s mission statement is ‘How can I be of service for the greater good of all of humanity?’ This may seem quite broad, but it keeps Divine Connection on track every day
We aim to provide services to anyone who may need them. Whether you have never had a reading before, or you’re a professional psychic yourself searching for deeper truths, we want anyone to feel comfortable phoning us and asking for guidance and answers!

Frequently asked questions

You may ask any questions you wish.
We allow the Divine guidance spirit and angels to lovingly speak to assist you in receiving the guidance you desire.
What should I do before a Psychic Reading?
Tips for an enjoyable and accurate reading include…

  • Relax, take a deep breath in and become aware of your breath, now focus of your question.
  • Ask about what lessons you need recognize in a specific situation.
  • Ask what your next step is in accomplishing your Highest Purpose, Abundance, Joy, etc.
  • Ask where you a are heading on this current path?
  • Your Higher Self can help guide you to ask a question that will take you in a positive direction.
What should I ask the psychic?
Questions you can ask almost anything. All reading are strictly confidential, we do not record phone calls.

  • Should I leave him/her?
  • Is he/she right for me? Is there another?
  • Will he/she commit?
  • I want to know if I will find my soulmate/twin flame?
  • Do I have a life lesson here, what is the lesson in my current situation?
  • What is it that could prepare me for the love of my life?
  • How do I move forward from this life situation?
  • Is he the right one for me?
  • I don’t trust him, is he cheating on me?
  • Have I made the right decision with my partner? Career? Business?
  • Is this career move right for me? I feel uneasy about it
  • What factors are involved in this situation?
  • What do I need to be aware of when we next talk?
  • What could help me handle this situation better?
  • What can I consider before making up my mind?
What is the difference between phone and Email psychic readings?
On the phone we cover the same as email. It depends on your questions, and what we are guided to say when we channel spirit. Also over the phone is instant answers.
I would like guidance through a spiritual awakening, is phone or email better?
Again this individual and depending on your situation. And we are guided by spirit speak for your highest good. Sometimes spiritual awakenings greatly benefit from advisers whom have experienced them like Divine Connections.
What if I don’t know what the problem is? Yet I know somethings not right in a situation?
No question is stupid, or wrong. We are guided by spirit to give a picture of where you are at, your past present and future. Insight and clarity arise from this. Questions, clarification also may arise. You may even feel lighter, more aware and uplifted. Sometimes this may occur after the call due to new found awareness.

Our readings should not replace or be used instead of seeking a medical diagnosis, getting sound legal advice or seeking mental health treatment from a skilled professional. Psychic readings can be useful where the advice of a doctor, lawyer or other traditional consultant has already been obtained as well.

About Angelene

Angelene is the primary psychic reader for Divine Connection. She is a qualified Yoga teacher, Reiki Master-Teacher for Usui Reiki traditional (in person), Holy Fire® Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher, Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher,  Angelic Reiki  Healer, Tarot Reader, Crystal and Colour therapist. Angelene also ensures that she keeps up to date with the latest training as much as possible in psychic abilities, medium,  spiritual and Holistic Health and Wellness, to provide professional readings, healing, intuition coaching, true self-awareness and spiritual guidance and support for you on your journey.


The services on this website do not replace qualified health professionals for any medical concerns or conditions or other appropiate professionals. Divine Connection does not make any claims to cure, help or heal anything eg we do not claim to heal medical conditions. We do not diagnose or treat  any conditions. We do not garrantee the results of any services on this website.  As per NZ laws, we must state that the services we offer are for entertainment purposes only. We can not take responsibilty for any decisions you make as a result of a reading as/and you always have freewill, readings are based on readers . Thank you.