Reiki Distance Healing

Balance your body and mind through a remote Reiki Healing session with our experienced and qualified Reiki practitioner.

Did you know that not all Reiki Healing needs to take place in person? You can still experience the power and benefits that Reiki Healing offers over the phone in a Reiki Distance Healing session.

Reiki Distance Healing With Divine Connection

What is Reiki Distance Healing?

Reiki Distance Healing is remote, and our experienced practitioner is able to send Reiki Healing to you or someone you know no matter whether they are near or far. All you need to do is tell us who the healing is intended for. To make payment easier, we have created a secure PayPal button, which is a safe form of online payment.

Benefits of Distance Healing

Distance Healing can benefit those feeling stressed or suffering on an emotional, spiritual or physical level. This healing can bring relief and balance to your life. If you are feeling the pull towards Reiki Healing, then Distance Healing could be the ideal way for you to try it out.
If you are shuddering from a medical condition, it is recommended to contact your GP first.

Distance Reiki Healing 60 minutes $132 NZD

This session is perfect if you would like a full Body Mind Reiki Healing Session for yourself or a loved one. Call 0800 4Divine to book your session.

Distance Reiki Healing 30 Minutes $68.50 NZD

This session is ideal if you would like a shorter session for yourself, a loved one, or someone you know who is in need of healing, or if you are new to Reiki. Call 0800 4Divine to book your time.

We also offer in-person Reiki Healing in Auckland, NZ, as well as Reiki Training.