Angel Readings And Angel Card Readings NZ

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Angel Readings

In your Angel Reading with Divine Connection, we connect you to the Archangels and help deliver their messages and Angelic unconditional loving Energy that offer guidance and support to you through challenging, exciting and painful periods in your life.

Angel Readings With Divine Connection

What is an Angel?

Angels are non-religious yet spiritual beings of divine light and consciousness. They are messengers of the divine Spirit, and they want to create peace and harmony on earth. In our Angel Readings, our psychic in NZ connects with what is known as the Archangels. There are over a dozen Archangels of Light, each of whom may have a different message for you.
In essence, Archangels are always with you and guiding you, but it’s just a matter of connecting with them and receiving their messages. Archangels are able to offer you advice on a wide range of topics, including relationships, family, career, spiritual awakenings and more.

How do Angel Readings Work?

Angel Readings happen during a psychic reading, where the Archangels are channeled and connected. You can expect that they will offer support and guidance, as well as answer any questions that may be clouding your life at the moment.

How Do Angel Card Readings Work?

Angel Card Readings are very similar to Angel Readings, except a deck of angel cards is used as a tool to further connect to the Angelic Realm. Combining Angel Readings with Angel Card Readings can be very powerful in receiving the guidance that you need.

Angelic Reiki NZ

Angelic Reiki completely attunes you with the Angelic Realm to create a clear channel of light. Angelene is an experienced Angelic Reiki Healer, and has been professionally trained to offer this service as well as Angel Readings and Angel Card Readings. Combining a variety of spiritual tools often results in the most clarity and insight.

Finding Balance & Peace in Life

Here are some of the ways a psychic reading or healing session with Psychic Angelene (Angie) from Divine Connection may help:
  • Love & Romance
  • Family concerns and disputes
  • Career and job
  • Business, investment and property
  • Health and wellness
  • Money problems or disputes
  • Are you feeling stressed?
  • Past Life Readings
  • Connect to you Spiritual guides and Angels Now
  • Psychic Readings to enrich and enliven your life
  • Relationship questions, Soul Mate Readings
  • Emotional support
  • Do you feel called to spirituality, but aren’t sure how to start your personal spiritual journey?
  • Feeling lost and confused…

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