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Are you interested in the spiritual world and topics that have to do with Reiki, clairvoyance, psychic readings, Tarot cards, mindfulness, and more? Then our spiritual blog written by the Divine Connection team is ideal for you!
We aim to keep you up to date with all the latest findings and research, as well as provide you with tips when it comes to spiritual readings and healing sessions. We want to be a source of profound information, as well as comfort, guidance and reassurance in your life’s journey.
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What Is Reiki and How Can It Help Me?

Understanding what is reiki and the benefits it may provide you is something I am passionate about discussing with you. In this guide, I will walk you through the history of this ancient Japanese form of energy healing, how it works, and the benefits it may provide...

An Introduction to Crystal Healing

Crystal healing has been used for centuries as an alternative medicine tool, in which it taps into your natural healing properties. Also known as crystal therapy, crystal healing sessions can take place in person or via distance for clients out of Auckland. In this...

Questions to explore with your clairvoyant

A clairvoyant is first and foremost a guide. They help you find a deeper connection and communicate within your personal and intimate space of self. The essence of spirit and higher power makes it possible for a clairvoyant to channel what is needed and assist you on...