Spiritual Guidance

Do you feel a calling to look within and become more spiritual? This can be a very exciting time in your life! A Spiritual Awakening may be just around the corner. Divine Connection offers Spiritual guidance, development and information.

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20 minutes –  $69 

Spiritual Guidance with Divine Connection

How do we Provide Spiritual Guidance?

At Divine Connection, we have a diverse range of spiritual tools that we can use to help guide you. Our experienced psychic in NZ, Angelene, has guided many people through spiritual awakenings and has helped them develop their spirituality. Each person’s journey is different, and we adapt to fill your needs.

Spirituality in Your Daily Life

Once you have learned more about Spirituality, you can begin integrating it into your daily life. That is the great thing about it! By simply being present and mindful, you are becoming more spiritual.

Spiritual Beings

You are not alone in your Spiritual journey. There are Angels and other spiritual beings that we can teach you about, that can help light your path and offer guidance along the way. They are always there, even if it is just to listen.

Defining Spirituality

Spirituality is becoming mindful of the spiritual world. Spirituality looks different for everyone, but it is ultimately gaining a different perspective on the physical reality that surrounds us.

Finding Balance & Peace in Life

Here are some of the ways a psychic reading or healing session with Psychic Angelene (Angie) from Divine Connection may help:
  • Love & Romance
  • Family concerns and disputes
  • Career and job
  • Spiritual Development Readings
  • Business, investment and property
  • Health and wellness
  • Money problems or disputes
  • Are you feeling stressed?
  • Past Life Readings
  • Connect to you Spiritual guides and Angels Now
  • Psychic Readings to enrich and enliven your life
  • Emotional Support
  • Relational Issues
  • Soul Mate Issues
  • Twin Soul Connection Readings
  • Do you feel called to spirituality, but aren’t sure how to start your personal spiritual journey?
  • Feeling lost and confused…