Crystal healing has been used for centuries as an alternative medicine tool, in which it taps into your
natural healing properties. Also known as crystal therapy, crystal healing sessions can take place in
person or via distance for clients out of Auckland. In this guide, we’ll explain what occurs during a
session and what some of the benefits you may receive are.

What Happens During Crystal Healing Sessions?

During a crystal therapy session, you will lie down fully clothed on our therapy bed and have crystals
placed in specific areas. We will use a pendulum to identify where your body may have blockages
and/or negative energy. We will place the most suitable crystals on each area, helping you to
achieve a feeling of relaxation and calmness.
Crystals can be placed singly or in certain patterns depending on your needs. Each crystal can hold
and emit energy vibrations which affect our bodies and aura. These crystals can help to shift, absorb,
diffuse, or direct your energy fields to make you feel better.

What Are the Benefits of Crystal Healing?

There are said to be multiple benefits of crystal therapy, including:

 Reducing anxiety levels
 Improving sleep quality
 Release blocked energy
 Transform your aura
 Aid general well being
 Improve physical pain
 Boost self confidence
 Encourage clarity
 Relaxation

and may support mindfulness practice as well as meditation plus many more benefits
To book a time for your crystal healing, please contact Angie directly.

How Are Crystals Chosen for My Healing?

Angie has many years of experience in crystal healing and with this, enormous knowledge about the
healing powers and uses of each type of crystal. Here are a few of the most used crystals and their
healing powers we can select from for your session:
1. Amethyst – helps with sleep, feeling calm and helping reduce aches and pains
2. Garnet – helps to reset your system
3. Tigers Eye – great for boosting motivation and metabolism, helping enhance courage
4. Citrine – helpful for keeping moods stable and providing positive energy
5. Rose Quartz – useful for providing calming energy and assisting with cardiovascular health
6. Lapis Lazuli – this crystal is believed to be helpful for wisdom and truth, improved
communication and assistance with spiritual growth and intuition.
7. Selenite – good for cleansing negative energy, used during meditation, and in creating a
peaceful environment

8. Smokey Quartz – this crystal is used to help reduce the physical impact that stress has on the
Our crystal healing is undertaken in person here in Auckland. But if you are unable to come to our
clinic, or live elsewhere around the country, we can also complete a distance therapy session for
you. It’s easy to book online – we’d love to hear from you!