What is a psychic reading?

When you decide to get a psychic reading, you may be uncertain of what this means. You are not alone. However, a psychic reading today can provide fast, valuable answers to life questions. From love relationships, family, career, jobs, a current partner or ex-partner, soul mates, twin souls, a current challenge, finance issues, stress relief and more, we offer guidance from another perspective or vantage point. Readings can offer answers, be informative, offer clarity, peace of mind and insight into your past, present or future. They also may be comforting, empowering, enlightening or healing and offer stress relief.  Angelene at Divine Connection is an experienced psychic reader, psychic medium, and clairvoyant. She connects and channels Spirit to help you on your path, wherever they may be.

Types of psychic readings

This is a brief overview of what a psychic reading is. However, a psychic reading today with Angelene at Divine Connection offers a safe space, where you are listened to, and receive insight and guidance or answers to questions from your Guides and/or Angels, Higher Self, Divine Spirit/Source or The Universe which may most assist you now. Whether it is solely through connecting and channelling or combined with the support of tools such as Tarot cards, Angels cards or Angel tarot cards and/or Oracle cards.

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Love Readings

If you have a question about love and relationships or a potential love relationship, we have the perfect option that focuses on this aspect of your life. This may also arise in a reading about other areas. These are also psychic readings, tarot and/ or Angel cards, or whichever you or the reader may be guided during a reading.

Tarot Cards Readings

what are psychic readingsTarot cards are valuable tools used in psychic readings. They assist in answering any question to help guide and support you. They can offer confirmation of your own guidance, and introspection, can help you find peace, clarity and much more.

Angel Card Readings

An Angel card reading brings us intuitive guidance from the Angelic Realm, a connection can be made with whichever Angel/s wishes to connect with you and offer powerful loving guidance and healing energy on the path most suited to your higher good. Messages may also arise from an Angel Oracle card, a deck of cards dedicated to this. Or Angel tarot cards which are like tarot cards but infused with Angelic consciousness.

Other Spiritual guides or loved ones who have passed on are also able to be connected with. The guidance and insights are true or real authentic connection to the Divine Spirit/Source, Angelene to the best of her ability maintains this connection through various practices like meditation and Reiki.

Clairvoyant Readings

This is a psychic ability, also known as ‘The Clairs’ which are used either in combination or one of Clairvoyance, Clairaudiance, Claircogniance, and Clairsentenient, these are psychic abilities for tuning in during a reading or simply meaning to see, hear, know and feel messages from guides and Spirit.

How to choose a psychic reading today

When choosing a psychic reader, selecting a reader you connect with can help, as you want to feel heard, comfortable and understood without judgement. It can help if they have a positive reputation. However, what’s more important is the connection open-mindedness and/or positive energy of both the reader and receiver. Also, when you can be open-minded, and even put aside expectations, your reading and information can begin to make more sense, if not immediately, then later. A psychic reading is said to be a good experience when we are receptive to new ideas, perspectives and potentials.

However, either way, our reader is non-judgemental and understanding. Some people find it helpful to say something like: “I am now open to receiving guidance from the Universe, The Source, Soul or Spirit (whatever you choose) for the highest and greatest good of all, thank you” And take a deep breath in and out.

What happens during a psychic reading?

Know that your Spirit always has a message for you, so when you call, you may already know what you wish to ask about. Let the reader know what area you would like to explore. We can immediately and simply connect and channel your guidance. Also, through your preferred way, for example, tarot, Angel cards, guides or whatever Spirit guides the psychic to connect and channel. This is a very easy step, and the insights flow through for you. You can tell us your name and date of birth. However, it’s unnecessary.

You may ask questions whenever you choose. There are no rules. This is your reading and questions may arise.

Other tools to help you on your journey

Other services we offer are Reiki healing and crystal healing. Yoga, meditation and mindfulness can also assist in many ways.

Reiki healing

Reiki can help with stress and compliments any mainstream health concerns or those who wish to deepen their Spiritual path. Each person has their own unique experience. Reiki, also known as universal lifeforce energy, is guided by higher consciousness.  It’s also known as spiritual healing, or energy healing or positive energy. Practitioners can heal at a distance or in person.

Crystal healing

Crystal healing or crystal therapy may assist with harmonising and balancing your energy bodies or aligning your energy, or what is for your higher good. Crystals can be powerful tools for clearing energy blockages and grounding. or increasing self-awareness. They may also offer protection from negative energy. You may notice different crystals have varied meanings and applications. It is also empowering to choose crystals that you are drawn to. During psychic readings, we can also channel crystal healing and guidance on which crystals may be of assistance to you now from the Spirit for your well-being journey. Alternatively, you may like confirmation on which crystal is right for you, how to charge your crystal, program your crystal, set intentions for your new crystal and how to cleanse, and purify it. When used mindfully these stones may assist you in grounding to the present.

Yoga, meditation and mindfulness

Yoga, meditation and mindfulness are tools that can be used for many purposes. These are some of many practices that may assist one, for example in living health and well-being, physical, emotional mental and or spiritual health, or living joyfully, peacefully, abundantly, in the present moment. In a psychic reading sometimes such guidance may also be channelled through readings from your guides. All guidance and insights are channelled for you, and you always have free will.

How a psychic reading today can help you

You may be stressed, worried, fearful of something that may happen, unbalanced, upset or going through some emotional turmoil. You may just want to know something about your partner, family, friendships or work situation. Whatever your question or concern, a psychic reading may be able to assist you. A psychic reading can guide you towards clarity, peace of mind, empowerment, and enlightening answers. Or if you are searching for validation or just want to confirm your own intuition, insights and feelings about a situation or your Spiritual path. A psychic reading can give you trust and confidence in your own guidance. Psychic readings help you gain another perspective on the future.

The future is not set in stone. A psychic reading on your current energy and where this is taking you may empower you to make changes or receive more guidance and insights on ways to consciously create a different, more positive future. A reading with Divine Connection can be a very transformative, enlightening experience, offering insights and guidance into your current situation or just as helpful is receiving encouragement, and uplifting messages for where you are now.

Psychic reading today with Divine Connection

Psychic readings with Divine Connection offer guidance, support, or answers no matter where you may be on your path. We offer views that may empower you to make decisions, listen to your own guidance, provide confirmation and confidence in your intuition, or meet your unique needs and help you navigate your life’s journey. When you can embrace the experience, you can allow the insights from your psychic reading to guide you. This means potentially a lighter, brighter and more fulfilling future. Book your psychic reading today.

Disclaimer: We must state that this service is for entertainment purposes only. We do not diagnose. We do not make any claims to heal anything, and we do not provide medical or legal advice.

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