There are many ways a psychic clairvoyant medium reading can help you.

If you would like to get the best out of your phone psychic reading here are some ways.

If you have decided to get a psychic reading over the phone and it is your first time, you may have an idea of what you would like to experience. Or you may be wondering “How does a phone psychic reading work?” yet intuitively know that there are messages from above for you. And there usually is something that may be of assistance to you.

However, if you have called a Psychic before then you may have many questions. Or you might have just one yet know that Spirit works to best assist you at this time. In this post, we will look at the question “How does a phone psychic reading work?”. We’ll look at what you can expect when you call or book online for a Psychic reading and how to best prepare for one so you can get the most out of your reading.

What can you expect from a Phone Psychic Clairvoyant Medium Reading?

How does a phone psychic reading work? You can expect that most readings will deliver messages that are unique to you. However, it’s always best to not have expectations, because this leaves you open to receiving messages from the Divine. If you’re open, you can have the best possible experience.

The Divine Connection Infinite Spirit

Angie channels and connects to the Divine Infinite Spirit, and her Guides and Angels, from here we connect to and channel your Loving Guides and Angels and Higher Self. She is then guided to use a range of skills and tools including Psychic, Clairvoyant, and all other Clair senses, and Medium abilities, intuitive healing, Tarot, crystal guidance, natural laws of the universe including law of attraction, law of energy vibration, Yoga and mindfulness and other tools to help with delivering messages. Sometimes just as simple as confirming your own intuitive guidance which comes from your Higher Self.

From these connections, whatever will arise from Spirit that is most helpful for you now is then delivered to you.
She receives information, interprets what is given and vocalises the message to best suit you, or in a way that is most appropriate for you.

Getting the best connection

How does a phone psychic reading work? What we have noticed is that this works well if you are open and have lowered expectations. If not, messages are still delivered, in a way that resonates with you best.

This connection happens as soon as we start conversing, and very quickly, as there is no time in the Spirit Dimension. For you, this may mean a combination of these skills in your reading, or just a few. It all depends on what the Great Spirit sees as working best for each person, at that time.

For example, you may receive answers to your questions, as well as deeper insights from your Higher Self, Soul connection messages to help you better understand your relationships. Guidance and messages from Loved ones who have passed on into the Spirit world may also help you understand. If there were issues at their passing, they will now come to you from a place of unconditional love and peace.

We do our best to ensure your questions are answered

There are times when you may have to get further readings, as the Divine Spirit works with us to bring forward messages at the right time for us to know and understand what they mean. As with any reading, whether it be love and relationships, work, money or anything else, you always have free will to decide what you choose to do to empower and guide you.

However, when it comes to how a phone psychic reading works and to ensure you get the best out of your reading the following may help you prepare for a great reading, insight guidance and answers.

Before you start your psychic reading

Know that sometimes there will be no need to ask questions. Or at the very least, there is little to be gained from trying to direct a reading. There are times when the sensed energy can be more useful to you than what you think you may want to ask about. This rarely happens in totality. However, it is useful to remember that when it does happen, your guides are trying to direct your energy to where it is meant to be.


Ways You may Like to Prepare For Your Psychic Reading

1. Being relaxed. Take a Deep breath in, and out. Affirm that I am now calm.

If you have a specific question or issue on your mind, then by all means voice this. It means also could mean that Spirit wants to communicate with you. Sometimes, one of the most effective ways we can tune in or tap into your Higher Self and your guides is when clients are calm or relaxed. This means any other distractions are not going to become part of your reading, and you can focus on what you would like to in your reading. When we are stressed, we often have our focus on many thoughts and emotions and what’s going on around us. However, in saying this, readings will still assist you even if you are not calm, and you are stressed out! Spirit works in whatever way suits you. However, if you are planning for a reading, sometimes relaxing your mind, and focusing on your questions means we can deliver more accuracy on your situation.

2. Know what you would like to get out of your reading.

It’s OK to say what it is you would like to receive from your reading. Many times, you may not know, and just request a general reading. This is OK too, we can communicate with your guides, who often they will deliver messages that serve you in this moment. What is also good to know is that this may trigger some questions, and insights and provide clarity you may not have had before.

3. Writing Down Possible Questions you would like to ask

Before your reading, you may like to write your questions down. If you don’t know, this is fine. However, one way to do this is to is to ask yourself “What do I want to know?” “What is best for me to know now?” and picture your situation if you have one. This could be for example your workplace, relationship, new home, or whatever you choose and just notice what comes forward. If you receive a feeling, then questions come forward. These may have arrived from your intuition, which is from your Higher Self or Soul connected to Spirit. What you may get is that your reading could become clear and precise.

4. Being Open to Receiving Messages from the Divine Infinite Spirit

The most powerful way to prepare for a reading is to simply be open to receiving. To do this you can affirm:
“I am now open to receiving the information and guidance from this Reading or Spirit”. Allow your mood to shift and know that you will receive the best messages for you now. All that’s required is listening to the messages as they arise from your questions or current situation. You may come up with more questions as we are talking, so go ahead and jot them down or ask as we go. Spirit loves helping so don’t feel they are not important. Always ask if you don’t understand something that was said. That way you can ensure clarity and insight even long after your reading.

5. Takes Notes for Next time

If you can, during or after your reading take notes. You may wish to contemplate these later after your reading. Sometimes a lot of information may come forward, and you may not recall all of it. Taking notes means you can have time to understand what was said, or you may have more questions and wish to call back for more guidance.

6. Know you are being guided and heard. Trust in the Universe as best you can just for now.

When we place our trust in the universe, we let go of a lot of stress and anxiety, because we let go of control. I know sometimes when you feel challenged, ‘its not that easy’. If you can realise that this is coming from the ‘inner critic’ or mind. Then affirm e.g.:

“I trust the universe is providing for me in the most unconditionally loving way, and all is unfolding in the most perfect way for me now”.

On a positive path

If you can get to a place of trust, for example, trust that the messages you are about to receive are from The Source, The one Spirit then you are already on a path that is positive. There are times the Divine may not give you exactly what you expected, and these are the times, however, that you must do the best you can to not allow that to upset you. You may find that it turns out to be a blessing in disguise.

Spirit talks to us in many ways, using the physical world to guide us. All that’s left sometimes is that we are open, and we listen as best we can to what is being shown and try to find meaning from another perspective. For example, “I asked/put out into the universe for my relationship to improve, and it got worse! How can I trust?”.
This usually means the universe is manifesting what you asked for, and in order for your relationship to improve, there may need to be an energy shift.

Remain observant and as non-reactive as possible

Continue to focus on what you are wanting. Now you can refine or fine-tune what you were asking for. As the great Sages remind us in regards to life on the planet Earth – “This too shall pass”. So, then you may like to try to put out into the universe, “I would like to experience peace and harmony in my relationship”.

After Your Reading

After your psychic reading, you may wish to have a glass of water, write down what you experienced, what you’re feeling, any emotions that came forward and/  or just relax and do something completely different. If your reading was emotional, then it is important you take care of yourself. Drink plenty of fluids, eat well, and maybe you may want to walk barefoot outside on the grass, if you can, to ensure you are grounded, or take a nap.

Spiritual energy is also healing

It clears energy blockages. This can also make us tired, yet you may feel lighter and uplifted afterwards.
Either way, there is always something positive to take away from your experience.

Keep Shining, I wish you much love and Blessings and look forward to connecting with you,
Love and Light
Divine Connection, your clairvoyant in New Zealand

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