Hello beautiful Souls,
Greetings and a Warm Loving Welcome to Divine Connection! where the infusion of Pure 100% Love and Light from our beloved Divine Spirit, Source continues to Flow and Channel through Always!, So let us allow our Minds to Open, relax and let go. Here is a message for you!
I am so happy and grateful to Deliver this insightful, all empowering message from The Divine Spirit, Source:

You hold the Keys

When we Release all Self Doubt, you will see you are already Free, says Spirit. A Beautiful and uplifting message and reminder from the Divine Love and Light or Source (God) within.
This refers to your True Nature, in Oneness with All that is, that is within All Beings on Earth, and the Universe, residing in you now, at your core.
This means that at any given moment, we get to chose Love or fear. Love being your Heart Centre or Higher Self/Spirit – or Your own governing authority, Your Authentic truth and fear being our lower mind or egoic state/ conditioned mind/false self.
With Awareness, or Through the ‘higher consciousness’ or the Eyes of the Divine Spirit, you will see there is no Right or Wrong, only Isness, and learning from a place of Unconditional Love. There is of course no punishment, judgement, or criticism, this is True.
Remember that Limitations are only in our life experience if we chose to see them, and act from this place of limitation, a limiting ‘belief’ that is in fact an illusion in the mind.
Know that Divine Spirit in you, is just beneath any limiting belief, it is Your Truth, pure, untouchable and Shining Brightly Always.
What will you chose Today… what will you chose, Now.
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As always I sincerely look forward to connecting with you, through the loving Grace of our Oneness, Divine Spirit Source,

Love and Light
Divine Connection