Have you been feeling nervous? Anxious or low in Mood recently? Or Perhaps your just feeling ungrounded?

Loving Crystals come from – Mother Earth, or Gaia. It has been said that they can assist us in mindfulness practice, balancing our body mind and Spirit and in meditation. I have also observed new crystals through the years that appear to have more refined properties, and carry even more unique healing qualities.
They are created or formed in caves all over the world, and are unique to each country. Each Crystal carries properties that may assist you in many ways. Crystals are said to have a positive effect on our mood when kept close to us, for example while at work or in your car, purse or handbag.
Crystals also are said to have assist in Global Planet healing, as we evolve, so do crystals.
I feel that because they are grown naturally in the earth, their purpose is to assist humans evolve, heal, remain grounded and feel connected.

How do crystals assist us?

They are said to work on the energy body, or the chakras. When placed on the body area that corresponds to where the chakra lies, a natural healing may occur where lower vibrations and energy blockages are released and healed. This process works well when we become mindful while using crystals.

Raw natural Crystal Jewellery can create an Uplifting Effect on Your Mood from Low or negative to Positive and Vital!

Wearings crystals on a regular basis may assist in Uplifting your mood if you feel low. The energy healing properties take effect when they are touching you, for example if you wear a bracelet, earrings or necklace you may begin to feel a sense of calmness. When we speak of energy vibrating at different frequencies, a lower vibrational energy or ‘dense’ energy may feel like anxiety or depression.
Wearing Crystals may help raise your energy vibration, to feel joyful, peaceful , calmer and grounded.

Cleansing and Purifying Your Home, car and workplace

Placing a crystal in a room can assist in transmuting negative energy into positive energy so the room feel calmer, spacious and relaxing. Along with changing your feeling towards the room to more positive. Amethyst, clear quartz carry cleansing and purifying qualities.

Crystals can protect your Home Outside as well as Inside

I have experienced more positive interactions with family and friends when I placed a black tourmaline in a flower pot at the entrance of my home. I found when they visited they were relaxed and positive within themselves. I feel what happens is that when they walk past the black tourmaline any negativity or lower ‘vibes’ in there energy field were cleansed. Another option is to choose an area outside the front door where you could place then in the ground, to deflect negative energies. Remember to place an intention if you wish.

Manifestation amplified with crystals

If you would like to try manifesting with crystals, write down your affirmation, and place a quartz crystal on top of this. Visualise what you would like to manifest or see it in your minds eye, or simply just repeat it while holding the crystal. You may also receive intuitive guidance in this process. Follow your intuition and trust the universe will provide what is right for you and in perfect timing.

Love, Cleanse and Purify your Crystals

Don’t forget to cleanse and purify your crystals when you feel its time. You can place your crystals in bowl of salted water and leave them over night (some cannot be placed in water so do check first) to clear them. Be sure to wash them well afterwards. You can bury them in soil for as long as you feel, or you could use a sage wand, (that you can purchase from an online shop) to cleanse and purify your crystals. Another method which works well is to place your crystal in Tibetan Singing Bowl and , or even say crystals clear! Remember to love your crystals! And it will surly be returned!.

Grounding and Centering Body Mind and Spirit

I know from my own experience, standing outside in my backyard, on the grass in barefoot creates a direct physical connection to the earth and I feel balanced and aligned. You can begin by standing or sitting in a comfortable area in or outside of your home, hold your crystal in one hand and take a deep breath in, then slowing releasing out. Now allow yourself to come to the present moment, just observing any thoughts or feelings as they arise, bringing your awareness back to your breath.
Keeping your eyes open, allow the energy of the crystal to neutralise, release or just balance your energy. See what feelings arrise from the holding the crystal.

When crystals are used mindfully, for specific healing purposes like trauma, depression, anxiety or addictions, they can assist in healing and balancing the Body Mind and Spirit and connect you to your intuitive guidance. If you choose to deepen your connection to crystals they can help to connect you to your Soul or higher self so you can receive guidance and healing. Eg holding a Rhodacite crystal which carries the healing properties of unconditional love and self compassion can be bery helpful.

​Crystals can also be used in practices like Yoga Meditation and Mindfulness to promote a sense of calmness and peace as you connect to their energy.

As you can see there are many ways we can embrace another of mother earths nature precious gifts to humanity.

Love and Light
Divine Connections

TIP: Keep it simple.