What A Psychic Reading Can And Cannot Do

So many people are sceptical about psychic readings in NZ. Society has sadly painted the spiritual world as something negative or even laughable. Unfortunately, there are also so many scammers posing as psychics giving those with a true gift a bad name. Angelene from Divine Connection is a psychic in NZ who is trusted. She is an authentic psychic with a refined connection to Spirit. Angelene is here to dispel some myths about psychic readings and promote some positivity regarding this art.

It’s Impossible For Psychics To Read Your Energy Over The Phone

A common concern about phone readings is that your reader won’t be able to read your energy. Despite the fact that your energy field has no physical location, there are thousands of portals where you can tap into various forms of energy. Every psychic taps into a client’s energy field in their own way. They may hear guidance, tune into energetic planes, see visions, or use basic intuition.

A Psychic Can Read Into All Of Your Thoughts And Feelings

It is a common misconception that a psychic can read your every thought during a reading. However, a psychic only picks up on information that has the potential to help you. Your spiritual advisor is not reading your mind during your reading. She is analysing and translating the energy they can sense from you.

A Psychic Reading Predetermines The Future

Psychics are often sought out by those seeking to foresee the future, but it isn’t necessarily the best approach to getting the most out of your session. Psychic readings and psychic powers are real, but only you have the power to create your own destiny. So even if you are given a glimpse of potential future events, keep in mind that they are not always set in stone because of your agency.

Genuine And Authentic Readings With Divine Connection

Angelene of Divine Connection is a Reiki Master-Teacher for Usui reiki, created by Dr Mikao Usui. She is also trained in Holy Fire® Karuna Reiki® Master-Teacher, Angelic Reiki, Crystal and Colour therapy healing, Energy centre and Chakra balancing, supporting natural relaxation and calming peace. She also guides clients with her gift as a genuine Psychic Clairvoyant Medium and Tarot readings, Intuition coaching, True Self/Higher Self-awareness, inner transformation, and Spiritual guidance and support.​

More than any other psychic in NZ, Angelene of Divine Connection is continually dedicated to her ongoing education and professional development. For your psychic readings in NZ, browse our services and contact us.

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