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Hello, wishing you all a prosperous, most joyful, happy, and peaceful New Year.
With 2020 only minutes away, I felt guided to take a moment to expand out blessings and salutations to the planet, the universe and be at one with the Creator. I am shown this year carries the energy of fearlessness, open doors, change, ideas and more. I am reminded we have nothing to fear, but fear itself! We can only welcome, as much as possible – joy, love peace and happiness. That when we are present in the here and now one realises that the only obstacle in the way is, our own limitations we put on our self, more that half of the obstacle is removed! One step at a time, says Spirit, take the first step, take the leap of faith. Move through challenges this year with confidence knowing you have come this far, and learnt so much, therefore you have more than enough tools to see you through them. Just take the first step, then the next and so forth, and rest will unfold before you. trust you inner guidance, or learn to know when your inner guidance, guides and Angels are trying to send you a message. It could be a feather, a sign post, a person, anything that stands out to you, once you take that first step, you may feel a sense of relief, no matter how small it may be or seem.

This quote ‘Take the Leap’ means an inner leap of faith and trust in the universe, it means to put aside our egoic fears that have no real basis in the whole picture, and to trust in the universe and know that you are being unconditionally loved and guided, even through what seems like, the toughest and most challenging times by a Higher Power, the Higher Self, which is always here and now.

Go in Peace, be the Love and be the light
Shine Brightly 2020
Divine Connection