Whether it is your first time getting a psychic reading in NZ or if you’ve already had quite a few readings, timing can be quite important. It is essential that you are in the right mindset and open to receiving messages from the Spirit before you book your psychic reading.

So, what are some of the times that would be beneficial for you to get a psychic reading?

You Feel Stuck / Blocked

It can be very frustrating to feel stuck or blocked in any phase of your life. Guidance from the Spirit through a psychic reading could show you ways in which you could regain your freedom.

You Need to Make an Important Decision 

An important looming decision can be very stressful. It could affect the rest of your life. Where better to receive guidance than through the Spirit?

You Are in a Period of Reflection

Reflection is an essential component of personal growth. However, self-reflection can be very challenging and even painful at times. A psychic reading may give you some insight into your time of reflection that could prove to be very helpful.

You Need Inspiration

Are you at a time in your life when you need inspiration? Whether you need the motivation to carry on through a difficult time or need creative inspiration for a project, a psychic reading could help.

You Feel Called to Get a Reading

If you can feel your intuition telling you that it is time for you to receive a message from the Spirit and your guides, you should definitely listen to this intuition. This could be the sign that you’ve been looking for, and you could receive some very important guidance at this time in your life.

Some Specific Examples of Situations in Which a Psychic Reading Could be Beneficial

  • You are starting a new job
  • You need to choose between two different opportunities
  • You are starting a new creative project
  • You want to know where you went wrong in a certain situation
  • You are going through relationship or love relationship issues
  • You have money or financial issues
  • You want to rebuild relationships with your family members or deepen your understanding of family issues.
  • You want to become more spiritual and connect with your spirituality
  • You would like to find peace of mind, and clarity or come to terms with an issue or life situation e.g. a break-up, or divorce.
  • You would like to connect with a loved one who has passed on.

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